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MC Toddlah first started writing lyrics aged 14 being influenced by a number of Garage, Grime and D&B MC's.

At just 15, he was already starting to perform at local events and consistently make his way onto a mic wherever it was possible. Joe built a reputation for himself and started putting demos together.

With more networking and persistence, Toddlah was now 18 and organising events with his friends known as the Urban Troopers and booking artists from around the Midlands. These events were a success and word became strong on the forums about how organised he and the team were. Using this to his advantage lead Toddlah to also start gaining bookings in Birmingham, Bristol, Kettering, Leicester and Northampton to name a few places. From this he gained attention of dnb giants Random Concept, who had recently started their academy and asked Toddlah to come on board. Along with this and other residencies under his belt, online radio shows. Things were about to get better for the young mc...


By 2009, Toddlah was then approached with first international booking in Germany, travelling with Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Youngman & Juiceman to name a few, and then having also gained a residency with Pressure at Warwick Uni performing on main stages hosting for London Elektricity, Joker etc he then gained another main stage residency with Genetic in Leicester and Gamma Funkula in Coventry, plus any other bookings in between. This now meant that most weekends of the year Toddlah was on main stage line ups rather than performing alongside headline acts, he was then performing with them, and now even being booked by some. DJ SS liked what he saw, and soon brought him in for his own Formation events before then requesting to perform on tour nights in Bulgaria & Romania.


Over time more success still kept coming. By now in 2017 Toddlah was head hunted by MC's Bassman & Trigga to join the Shadow Demon Empire, and was then also nominated 3rd best breakthrough MC at We Love Jungle awards, and then winning the best breakthrough MC at the Drum & Bass Awards. On top of all this, Drumsound & Bassline Smith then approached the now award winning MC to be one of their choice MC's for their bookings, and lead to them all on tour travelling around Newzealand & Australia.


With all this success Toddlah has still not stopped, and carried on now co-organising smaller & bigger events such as 'Fack Abaat' and 'Squad Up' & in recent times seeing the formation of the Standard Procedure collective. Joined alongside MC TNT,  DJ's Rowney & Jeopardize; the outfit are releasing a healthy number of music videos, songs and bookings. Having already being booked by most major promoters in the UK and  Europe, things are definitely getting better for them too.


2023 now sees 20 years of Toddlah in the game, and there are certainly no signs of stopping him.

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