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Timo Noize

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As a fan of fat bass and big beats DJ-producer Timo Noize loves to keep the energy going with energetic Bass Music. 

Captivating intros and unpredictable drops are favourite flavours on his menu. Throwing ear candy on perfect spots for hungry listeners are fun parts of his signature sound. The young producer keeps improving and innovating his music by continuously fine tuning his sound design. "Welcome" and "Robo Riddim" were his first tracks of which he self released in 2022. His first Drum & Bass EP is set to release on Riot Records in September 2023.

Noize grew up listening to great artists like The Prodigy, Beastie Boys and Daft punk. As his passion for music grew he exchanged his game controller for a mini DJ set. After his first DJ performance he knew for sure: This is the thrill.


With the sounds of Minecraft still in the back of his mind, Noize began producing Future Bass and Trap music. In search of his own identity several music genres follow including Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Riddim. Drum & Bass contains many subgenres and Noize who is just at the beginning of his adventure takes on the challenge of mastering known and unknown styles. The young bass music producer is determined to work hard and to solidify his presence in the music scene. 

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