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The name Templah may be new to some listeners, but the man behind the music is anything but; having been experimenting sonically for seven years, exploring sounds from all across the Electronic Music spectrum, Templah is one to watch!

It was only in the last 2 years that Templah really began experimenting with Drum and Bass music. Realizing that he had found his musical home, the Brighton-born Templah turned his focus to DnB and moved to London, looking to hone his craft with everything the city has to offer for a 25-year-old DJ/Producer.

It wasn't long before Templah found himself invited to perform at London's Ministry of Sound, a veritable mecca of the UK nightclub scene. That Ministry of Sound debut helped to establish Templah as an artist to watch in the burgeoning DnB scene, earning him an invitation to return and play the Ministry again and again; a fitting reward for his dedication to his art.

More recently, Templah has yet again found success with his DnB remix of everyone's favourite record about Milkshakes, breaking through to the top 5 on the DnB chart.

Make no mistake, Templah won't be satisfied with just taking London by storm. The ambitious young producer has his eyes set on the entirety of the UK and then the globe. It won't be long before Templah stops being a new name to listeners and is instead their favourite artist.

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