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Stuart Rowe

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With over 40 million Spotify streams on his 2017 track ‘Aftershock’, you probably should know the name Stuart Rowe already, but many of you probably won’t. This isn’t a comment on the talents of this Kent based singer/songwriter, but the unfair reality that vocal artists face within the drum and bass scene. While their contributions are usually central to the success of the tracks they help to create, it’s the producer who receives a majority of the kudos.

While DJs and producers routinely see their names highlighted in big, bold type the same respect isn’t usually afforded to vocalists who are billed as featuring artists or billed at the bottom of a line-up. Along with Riya and Collette Warren, the heads of Carnelian Music, Stuart Rowe is working to change this narrative to ensure that vocalists are treated as artists in their own right.

There is a lot more to come from Stuart Rowe after the huge success of his collaborations with Macky Gee, Siren, Kontakt, amongst others.

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