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Spaven is a rising drum and bass DJ and producer who has just set out on his journey in the music industry. Based in the North of the United Kingdom, he has supported the likes of Kanine, Holy Goof, Gentleman’s Club, Upgrade and Tsuki.

He has been hard at work over the past year, putting together a catalog of music. Spaven’s debut single “Wait” was released in March 2023. Since then he has gifted us with an array of bootlegs, including his flip of Fred Again’s track “Danielle” and Tinie Tempah’s “Pass out”. He is heavily influenced by the likes of Tsuki, Kanine and AC-13 and this is definitely reflected in his production and his fast paced, energetic mixing style.

Spaven has racked up hundreds of thousands streams on his SoundCloud mixes, including one with 420K streams, impressive numbers for an artist so incredibly new to the scene.


Spaven dropped an explosive guest mix for the Riot Records Mix Series and a cheeky bootleg of Unknown T’s “Homerton B”. Since then he has released two collaborations with Georgie Riot, the first called "Out Of My Mind" on Riot Records, and then followed up with the second called "Let You Go", this time on DnB Allstars.

The future is bright for Spaven; he has more music on the way.

Spaven is definitely one to watch, so keep a look out!

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