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  • Dave Jenkins


Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Hadouken! Georgie Riot has launched a brand label today with a knock-out punch: the springy, jump-up flavoured upper-cutting Gouki collab – Street Fighter II.

“As an artist I’ve been releasing a lot of dancefloor myself, but as many know I play a lot of jump-up in my live sets,” says Georgie. “I know a lot of my fans who come to see me play live have been eagerly waiting for me to drop some heavier music of my own and I’ve been teasing a lot of heavier tracks of my own on social media for some time. So now the time has finally come and I’m super excited to finally get some of it out there!”

Street Fighter II is a statement of intent for Riot Records. It came about through TikTok where Georgie first heard rising new talent Gouki. “One of his tracks in particular stood out to me – Street Fighter – so I dropped him a message and asked him to send the track over so I could play it in my sets,” says Georgie.

“Throughout last year I was rinsing his track in my sets. He went on to ask me to remix it, which of course I agreed to because I was a big fan of the original. We got carried away, going back and forth and ended up collabing on the track, which is how Street Fighter II came about. It’s kind of like a remix, collab and VIP all in one – not the norm, but I like that, and it is of course what Riot Records is all about – doing things differently!””

“The original track was an idea I had from the very start of my production,” adds Birmingham-based Gouki. “I was always a fan of the 1987 Japanese game and had always planned on creating a track using the sounds/themes. To have the legendary Georgie Riot show an interest in my song was a huge compliment. Creating Street Fighter II together made perfect sense seeing as we had similar taste but different production styles.”

Street Fighter II marks the start of a monthly release schedule where Georgie will continue to develop her style, champion fellow exciting new-generation artists and look for different ways of doing things. “It’s a good launch single for Riot Records because it is a change from any of the music I have released so far, it represents change, progress and breaking boundaries,” Georgie Riot explains.

Riot Records is the start of something new, the change and progression in my music, and the celebration of other artists, especially new, fresh producers! There is no judgement at Riot Records. We want to hear all types of drum and bass… I don’t want my label to be put in a box, restricted to one sub genre of drum and bass, I want to hear it all.”

Street Fighter II is out today. Follow Riot Records for details on forthcoming releases, to be announced very soon…


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