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Updated: Mar 26, 2023


German based drum and bass producer Feed The Fire makes his Riot Records debut with a 4-track EP entitled "Safety Last".

Originally launched in 2020, right as the pandemic hit, Feed The Fire has gone from a "lock down project" to a rave-worn, stage-ready artist, merging influences from different genres into contemporary drum and bass whilst still holding respect for the original sound. As the world went into its first lock-down, Philip began his creative project in order to stay sane during the difficult time of Covid-19, he decided to try himself as a producer in the genre he's had a passion for, for so many years.

Phillip has been making waves in the drum and bass world and has taken his production to the next level with this new EP. He demonstrates his versatility as a producer and further cements his position in the scene as one to watch with this release. Riot Records are proud to present the debut EP of one of the scenes most talented newcomers: "Safety Last".

Featuring four original tracks, Philip opens with leading single "No Heaven (Crashing Down)", an epic intro driven by rumbling bases and a catchy vocal. Tension builds into a mighty climax, erupting into a heavy groove and punchy bassline, switching later into a rolling bass. We are taken on a journey through to the second drop which surprises us with a naughty 4x4 switch up. "No Heaven" is the perfect first taste of what to expect from the EP.

Up next "Bang Bang" sees Feed The Fire team up with Fu to provide us with a treacherous roller taking us to a darker side of drum and bass. Roaring fog horns and thunderous basses causing chaos throughout the track. A brilliant track to double-drop in the rave. This is about as grotty as it gets.

The third track is a cheeky little dancefloor number titled "Countach". Delivering the same excitement as the two previous tracks, "Countach" provides us with a whole new idea of what drum and bass can be. Saxophones on drum and bass, why not? A soulful saxophone solo is introduced during the break and second drop. Feed The Fire has really outdone himself on this one - a gritty, yet still a euphoric energy throughout.

Lastly, the cheekiest number of all - "Togue" - a tantalising take on the dark side of DNB which quickly throws us off guard when the 4x4 donk drop hits. After 16 bars the drops switches to a epic, growling bass.

Feed The Fire has managed to combine numerous sub-genres of drum and bass into this EP and he has done it brilliantly. He has delivered a seriously well-round debut EP. Keep an eye out for more from Feed The Fire on Riot Records!

"Safety Last EP" will be available across all platforms on 23rd March 2023.

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