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Kartypartyy (Kart) is a Bass DJ & Producer based in Bangkok, Thailand. Kart is responsible for bringing this new sound to Thailand. In 2016 he believed it was time for someone in Thailand to step up and let people hear what bass music in about.

Whether it's Drum & Bass, Riddim, Dubstep, Bass House or HARD; everything revolves around his love and passion for Bas Music. 

It was through his passion and hunger for more that lead to Kart being in the forefront of this genre in Thailand, all this from scratch in just 4 short years. Since 2016 Kart stayed humble, playing small gigs at any club in Thailand that would be brave enough to play some new sound. Today Kart is a regular at all the local Music Festivals in Thailand, becoming a household name for bringing that harder, louder, bass bumping music to the masses. Kart's passion does not end with him, he founded and created a platform called BASS HEAD TEMPLE for all those who share the same excitement and affection for Bass Music. This is a lifestyle for Kart.

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