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Over the past couple of years Gouki has become a rising star in the drum and bass scene. The Birmingham based producer is known for his signature blend of sub genres. After a catalogue of self releases, he eventually caught the interest of major labels such as Gorilla warfare and Allstars Raw.


Gouki began his music career performing in multiple bands at an early age but quickly fell in love with electronic music. After Graduating with a bachelors in music production he began producing a range of high quality music. After a few years of developing his sound, he settled on a combination of dnb styles. 


Gouki is typically known for his jump up sounds but tends to not lean too heavily into any one sub genre. Usually combining Neurofunk drums with rolling heavy basses, he aims to hit multiple themes while staying true to his artistic vision. 


Anyone who’s followed Gouki’s career has noticed the recurring Japanese themes throughout his music. Whether it be through samples or artwork, he’s always kept a strong eastern vibe to his persona. Despite being a relatively new producer the dnb scene has welcomed his arrival with great enthusiasm of what's to come. 

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