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Feed The Fire

Feed The Fire

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Feed The Fire is a drum & bass producer from the hustling city of Hamburg in Germany.


Originally launched in 2020, right as the pandemic hit. Feed The Fire has gone from a "lock down project" to a rave-worn, stage-ready artist, merging influences from different genres into contemporary drum & bass whilst still holding respect for the original sound.


Phillip Burian aka. Feed The Fire’s first introduction into the drum and bass and jungle scene was through video games, especially racing games of the early 2000s. Games that often had fast paced, energetic breakbeat music incorporated into them. One day his father gave him a CD: Logical Progression by LTJ Bukem which changed his outlook on music forever. Over the 10 years that followed Phillip played the drums and guitar in various rock bands but his love for jungle and drum & bass never died.


As the world went into its first lock-down in 2020, Philip began his creative project in order to stay sane during the difficult time of Covid-19, he decided to try himself as a producer in the genre he's had a passion for, for so many years. Choosing a name inspired by a lyric of a Pendulum song that had always resonated with him,

Feed The Fire was born.

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