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Co-Signed Banner Artwork

After joining R.I.O.T Records in the summer and releasing my first single God put it on my heart to work on my first project as an artist, and since working alongside the other artists within R.I.O.T I have learnt so much on what it means to make quality music and how to get through the message I want to speak about in each song, and as a whole project.

The term Co-Signed resembles what it means to walk alongside side God, and how I have found my personally Christian walk shape up. That we all start with a Curtain Call and a revelation about Jesus. After this we find ourselves with the initial praise him feeling, wanting to do whatever we can to live for Jesus. However, after we start looking back we seem to disqualify ourselves, somehow thinking that because of what we have done in our past it takes away from what God wants to do in our future. But then once God gives clarity into the situation, we start seeing that we are chosen by God to be all we can and only we can do what we are called to do.
Having access to the producers at R.I.O.T it has given me a lot of freedom to shape this EP in a way that will articulate the message across in the way which I wanted to. And through all the incredible features on this EP: Jazzy J, Pastor Joseph Mukuka, Tonio, Bethan Jane, Prime-Angel and Lydia Brookes it has been able to show that we are all Co-Signed by God to use the talents he has given us.
I pray that when you hear this EP God will speak through it about what it means to be Co-Signed by him and his plans are always to prosper us and not to harm us.

Co-Signed Promo from PrimeAngel on Vimeo.