B-FAM - Xenophobia


It is official! B-FAMs debut album “Xenophobia” is complete. We are so excited to be announcing this release to the world. After the success of their mixtape "The Godspoken mixtape" B-FAM have put together their first studio album. The highly anticipated "Xenophobia" features S.O., Guvna B, Triple O, Ram1, Joy Mumford & more. Xenophobia is available from today on itunes and all major online retailers.

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 Album Bio:

 “We are different. We are misfits. We stretch the limits of radical culture. We Rebel against the lies of conformity, exposing the truth of freedom. Xenophobia is a reaction to the fear of the unknown, a united voice challenging the natural need to be uniform, but instead joining a movement of extremist that are prepared to be different.”


  “With this album we aim to reveal the freedom found in faith, hope and love for those who are boxed into society. From Hip Hop, Trap, Dance, Funky and RNB we are excited to be exploring different sounds. We worked hard to try and develop a unique album filled with content that’s relatable to all. We hope to bring something new to the UK music scene, something different and not heard before. Working with artists such as Guvna B, S.O., Triple O, Breaker, Ram1, Joy Mumford and many more, has helped make this album reach its full potential.” – B-FAM

Track List:

xenophobia official tracklist