A+E Free Album


After almost a year, we are releasing our 3rd CD since we began in 2009.

Since joining R.I.O.T Records at the start of 2012, we have had the pleasure of growing with this team and settling into a family feel throughout the record label. In our opinion, this has helped us to raise the bar of our music, from the beats, to the content, to the finished piece.

 A+E/ Accident and Emergency, shows the progression of being spiritually ill, to being spiritually rich in God. As a rap group, we have tried to emulate this through a difference in the styles of music we write and the part of the story each track fits into.

During writing these tracks, both of us have been in different situations, both spiritually and physically and both good and bad. This is obvious through our music as each track has it’s own individual feel, whilst still completing the story of A+E.

 Whilst producing and recording this free album, artists such as Sarah Charlton, Abbie Fisher have blessed us with the talents God has given them, along with Lydia Brooks and E-Jay from the R.I.O.T Records Family.

 We pray that God uses this music to touch you, your friends and your family and helps to continue to bring him into our hearts and our minds.

As R.I.O.T Records, we pray that you will join us making a revival in OUR towns and seeing God’s work done.


 JP + Jared