Successful LAUNCH


 B-FAM launched there first Mixtape in mid june of 2012. "The GodSpoken Mixtape" consisting of 10 tracks, featuring Artists such as Ram1, Kimberly Stewart, Yesaya and many more. This long awaited Mixtape was downloaded all across the globe and registered hundreds of downloads within the first week. The number continues to rise even to this day. 

"We would like to say a massive thank you to the fans who have supported and downloaded the Mixtape. It has been a great journey from the beginning to the end. The response we have received  has been outstanding and more than we could hope for. SHOUT OUT to all the featured artists and to Near Perfection records! A BIG SHOUT OUT to Jesus Christ for being the author of the Mixtape, for it was through his 'God Spoken' words that we was able to complete this Mixtape. All Glory to Him. "

- B-FAM (Brothers For All-Mighty)  

Access Our Media page to DOWNLOAD the Mixtape.