About R.I.O.T Records

Team Riot22

Art is the language of today’s generation. We are a group of artists, preachers, pastors, designers, freaks and aliens who are committed to integrate and communicate hope in the language of the people.

R.I.O.T Records, which stands for Revival In Our Towns, is an independent label. We believe that this is the time to R.I.O.T for our nation. We don’t promote violence, theft, crime or sin, but our desire is to promote Jesus through arts. R.I.O.T is not timid, shy or afraid, but it’s passionate, tenacious, enthusiastic and zealous. These are qualities the early church leaders and apostles in the book of acts equipped themselves with. They were causing a R.I.O.T in their day and age because they were being "rebels" and "indifferent" by not conforming to what the world did. That’s our mission.

The inscribed message on our hearts is acts 1:8.

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”


Want to start a R.I.O.T in your town? Join the Army.



Gabriel Angel Mukuka

998919 10151836558101125 909101958 nGabriel Mukuka is a preacher, artist, musician, entrepreneur and blogger who has a passion and desire to see the children of God unlock their full potential. In 2011 Gabriel launched R.I.O.T Records, which is an independent label that delivers the message of God in the media industry.

"Unashamed, Indifferent, Rebels, Jesus freaks, loved sons and loved daughters. That is my passion. My passion is to see the Lost saved, not only through music but in various forms of art. With a ACTS mindset we aim to be rebels against the world by preaching the Gospel. We have a desire to carry change and that change is Jesus Christ."

Gabriel Mukuka

Matthew Thompson

IMG 0370My heart and my passion for God is what drives me to push RIOT to the masses. It’s no longer about making music because we like to but because what we hope to achieve is far greater. We don’t make or do these things so people can know about us; we do it so people can know about God, because he is the real leader behind RIOT, behind the Revival In Our Town.  

Two of my greatest loves are music and designing and choosing between them was a tough decision. Part of the reason why I’m so passionate about seeing RIOT grow, is before I was even told about the concept, I had a dream. In the dream, I was within a record label, doing both the things that I love, designing and doing music. The dream was so vivid and eye opening calling it a dream seem so underrated, it was a vision of things to come.

RIOT is more than a label; we don’t just minister to people in songs. God has given us many talents, and we are using those talents to give God glory, whether that is through rapping, singing, spoken word, designing or anything. We are all ministers in our own right.

Matthew Thompson
Co Founder